This retreat is simply to express the gratitude of KWAVE and our listening family for the lives and ministries of the military chaplaincy.  Our desire is to build up these ministers of the gospel and to give them a time of fellowship with other Chaplains and ministers. A time of refreshing, rest and equipping to continue pouring themselves out to the soldiers under their spiritual care. We invite you to prayerfully participate as the Lord leads you.  


Ways to be involved: 


1. Prayer requests for the Chaplains.


For strength and wisdom to continue to minister to the men and women of our armed forces from Commanders to E1s.


For wisdom to discern the attacks of the enemy on their families, ministries and on themselves.


For the power of the Spirit of God to work through them as they proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and love those that God has brought under their care.


For fellowship and a solid church to plug into themselves.


For their spouses and children to be strong and cared for and for their households to be fortified from spiritual attacks.


For authenticity on their parts so that they will be approachable by non-christians who want and need help.


2. Give financially to support a family, a chaplain or a specified dollar amount for the retreat.